Must Get TV Fixed


I Do! (Photo by The Weekly Gripe)

6 May 2014

S – first clean of the day and I have been left yet another note – added to the list today is to clean the skirting boards and woodwork (I always do them) plus could I iron a huge pile of shirts! Ironing is extra – not part of cleaning the house!!

C – how horrid of her – you cannot fit all that into two hours.

S – think I may need to leave a note of my own to remind her of my “Terms and Conditions” and ironing is not one of them. Could you text me the number of LT Morris as I need to get our aerial fixed. No TV again yesterday which resulted in bed for everyone at 9.00 o’clock – this needs to be avoided in future.

C – oh dear, all in bed at 9.00 o’clock with nothing to do – that is a very bad idea. You need TV to distract husband; will look up aerial man’s number and text it to you post haste.

S – ok, this is one for the blog – can you judge a man by his bed time reading? The man of the house I am cleaning at the moment is reading Analytics at Work; Smarter Decisions, Better Results – seem to remember Michael is always going on about reading the Kama Sutra – what does that say about him?

C – don’t ask; that’s what happens when you marry someone older who “remembers the 60’s!”– I just keep putting it back on the book shelf.

S – now at third clean of the day and am truly exhausted and fed up. Listening to Radio 4 and Reverend Flowers, the ex-chairman of the Co-op Bank, is blaming his use of Class A drugs on caring for his elderly mother. Could we take Class A drugs and blame it on caring for teenage children? Will he be defrocked do you think?

C – well, I think he should be. Am fed up also as my job share lady is on annual leave so I am having to fit her work in today as well – damn nuisance, I come to the office for a rest not to work!

S – how un-thoughtful of her to take leave – bloody work colleagues, no consideration for others.


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