List Of Jobs Getting Longer And Longer

Out of sight but not out of mind!

Out of sight but not out of mind!

2 May 2014

C – just at usual Friday clean and the list of jobs is getting longer and longer, including making beds and, if I have got time, the ironing – I think not!!! Last week I had a message left for me requesting I beeswax polish her bedroom furniture, leather polish the sofas and thoroughly clean kitchen and kitchen floor. What does she mean thoroughly; I always clean it thoroughly!

S – honestly, how much are you supposed to fit into two hours? Am at work and they seem to have switched off the central heating. I am frozen and I am wearing “hot flush” clothing but, at the moment, I could do with a hot flush just to keep me warm.

C – how long are you in the office for?

S – here for the duration worst luck. Will do some buffering and hash tagging later. I am not giving up on Twitter yet – we need more followers!

C – the post arrived early this morning and what a surprise – George is thousands of miles away and still costing me money. I received a Penalty Charge Ticket from the New Zealand Police for $150 – apparently my son has been cruising around the antipodes without wearing his seat belt and he has been caught – what planet is he on? I suppose I had better pay it to avoid him having a criminal record in New Zealand! Later in the day I received a text message to say “please can you put money in my account, somehow it has become overdrawn?” At this point I felt it was a good opportunity to mention the aforesaid Penalty Charge Ticket just to check that it was not a scam – to date I have received no reply; he must be trying to think of an excuse as to why it was not his fault!

S – you are only young once – you will just need to dig up a few hundred pounds from that money pit in the garden that you do not have.

C – as Godmother, would you like to contribute to his antipodean adventure?


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