A Tweet Like That Could Go Viral

This is where we should be!

This is where we should be!

30 April 2014

C – Patrick was on the phone last night – he is beside himself at finally having George with him. There is a photo of them on Facebook

S – just looked – how I wish we were there with them.

C – just had another call from Patrick on my mobile – he is high as a kite on fresh air just having George there. How are things in the office?

S – I am keeping my head down. What are Patrick and George up to in Queensland?

C – they are going to Patrick’s brother as one of his children is getting married and George is invited, of course. Yes, Patrick was saying we should all be there – how sad it would be if we never get back to Oz. I am thinking that is what will happen to me, especially as Toby likes to give away every penny I earn. Was tossing and turning all night over the tenant issue.

S – have Buffered six Tweets – it is easier than I thought and not as time consuming as I had imagined – The Wine Wankers told us to get Tweeting and we have been slack in this department but not any more!

C – well done you, keep buffering girl. Just back from seeing the doctor with Phoebe – the eczema is so bad on her hands. We have had two lots of useless antibiotics and a stack of cream which cost a fortune and have now been given the steroid cream I begged for in the first place. I did suggest a referral to a specialist might be a good idea but this suggestion was poo pooed.

S – I think they must get some sort of commission if they keep their referrals under a certain number because it is almost impossible to get one unless you are on death’s door.

C – was reading the paper whilst waiting to see the doctor and this headline caught my eye and I quote: “Money getting you down? The doctor will see you now”. The article suggests that your GP should be offering financial advice due to the stress people are suffering form being in debt and that money worries damage patients’ wellbeing. Financial concerns are “Getting in the way of good health” and maybe doctors could prescribe appointments with financial advisers on the NHS – whatever next? Just turned the page and low and behold another great headline: “Yes, being married can make you depressed” – a Tweet like that could go viral!

Later …

C – oh no, I have to help Toby dehorn the calves – a hideous job – hot and smelly, whatever the weather – just like I will be when I have finished.

S – you should not be doing that. Don’t get kicked.

C – need George back but will have to do my best.


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