Happy Birthday Sheshe !!!

18 April 2014

Hooray! Today is Sheshe’s birthday and I am happy to announce she is the same age as me now. Hope you are taking it easy today, try being a man for the day!! The caption reads “who needs sex when I have my micro fibre, anti static cloth?”

Saw this and thought of you.

Saw this and thought of you.


8 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Sheshe !!!

  1. Married life; what (very important) things men have to think about, such as: the latest discovery of a ‘look alike world’ billions of miles away; midnight ramblings with a wife or partner; the ‘late night conversations’ or ‘the early morning ones’, when (all) the kids are asleep, so on… “It is not surprising that husbands and wives seem so little part of one another. It is surprising that there is so much love as there is. For there is no food for it. What does it live upon – what nourishes it? Husbands and wives never seem to have anything to say to one another. What do they talk about? Not about any great religious, social, political questions or feelings. They talk about who shall come to dinner, who is to live in this lodge and who in that, about the improvement of the place, or when they shall go to London… But any real communion between husband and wife – any descending into the depths of their being, and drawing out thence what they find and comparing it – do we ever dream of such a thing? Yes, we may dream of it during the season of ‘passion’, but we shall not find it afterwards. We even expect it to go off, and lay our account that it will. If the husband has, by chance (or study), gone into the depths of his being, and found there anything unorthodox, he, oftenest, conceals it carefully from his wife (the rest of the world, in my own private opinion as well), – he is afraid of ‘unsettling’ her opinions”. Florence Nightingale (1820-1910) book called, ‘Cassandra’; not published at that time, as was advised, by her male friends. What have you found out, guys, but you can’t tell your wife (partner)?


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