The Waxed Bat

Something to wax lyrical about!

Something to wax lyrical about!

17 April 2014

C – one of my very generous clients gave me a bottle of The Waxed Bat as an Easter present. I am not generally a red wine drinker, as you know, but was very impressed with the combination of flavours I found in my glass of wine – you must try it. However, there is good news and bad. It is on offer in Laithwaites for £7.99 per bottle but you have to buy twelve to get the offer – a little too many for me – could we go six each?

S – not like you to open up the red wine unless there is no white on offer, it must be good. Six each sounds a great idea – no generous clients to give me bottle. If only we were as popular as The Wine Wankers and had companies delivering box full’s of wine to our doors! Maybe we need to do a little wine reviewing ourselves – this could be our first one.

Later …

S – end of a long day, just sat down with a glass of The Waxed Bat (managed to get to a Laithwaites but did not go for the twelve bottles). Without wanting to be pretentious the flavour was very full and, having read one or two reviews, I did open it an hour or so before drinking to allow it to breath – not something I usually manage to do – breathing time is never normally a consideration in my house when opening a bottle of wine.

C – if we are going to take this wine tasting seriously we will have to take care that all our wine is in the best possible condition before drinking. It is called a level playing field. None of that drinking your white wine before it has even seen the inside of the fridge – we will have to raise our game somewhat. Can any of our followers recommend another wine to review? Maybe a Fat Bastard Chardonnay should be next on the list as we have failed so miserably in the Spinning department.

Even Later …

C – Just revisiting our Facebook page when I came across the perfect accessory for The Waxed Bat – never mind waxed legs, or other unmentionable areas of the body, we prefer this!

Think this could be most useful.

Think this could be most useful.


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