A Friend In Need

7 April 2014

C – good to hear that you are on the mend from your virus, it takes time to bounce back. Just had a call from a dear friend who is in need of our services – are you free on Monday; it sounds bad?

S – yes as it happens, all is under control my end (for a change) so I am ready, willing and able.

C – ok, following a long and emotional phone call it seems as if she has lost control of her house and she needs a major spring clean to get it back on track and under control.

S – I love a challenge, will be at yours first thing with Clit Bang in one hand and vacuum cleaner in the other.

C – great, you can have the bathrooms and I will attack the cooker. Whilst I was doing a recky yesterday I found this book and thought you would enjoy the joke!!

S – yes, How Clean Is Your House – not very. We will soon whip it into shape. Did you have a good weekend?

C – I did get a rest as not working. However, Toby wanted to move the cattle yet again. If you remember it was raining rather hard. We managed to lose them twice in the woods, which was scary to say the least, but after much shouting and running they were recovered and are now safely back in their new field. As per usual I was the one on shank’s pony, whilst others enjoyed the luxury of the quad bikes.

Where is my quad bike?

Where is my quad bike?


4 thoughts on “A Friend In Need

  1. Lovely backsides!! All I looked at today was one very tight Lycra clad buttocks on some woman pounding on the treadmill, just as well I was behind as my large wobbling one couldn’t of been pleasant. You’ve never offered to come and do my house!!!!!!


      • Small amount of travelling would be involved but tea and biscuits provided or a free hour after cleaning in West Quay!!! I know where I’d rather be and which backside I’d rather stare at!!!”


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