He Is Rodding The Drain

2 April 2014

S – am fed up already. Got soaked walking to work. The heavens opened. Shoes and socks are now on the radiator at work and I am sitting here in wet trousers. Could not take them off – would not want to inflict that on anyone!

C – oh damn, was Michael not around to take you in? Just off to viewing in Osmington with a lovely couple who have a large flat in London to sell, so pots of money there.

S – no, he is rodding the drain! I now have the dreadful cold the rest of the family have. Throat very sore, can hardly swallow anyway so being on baby food not a problem! I have only just got over the last virus.

C – Toby has it so I made him sleep in George’s room – I have not got time for a cold?

S – Toby will be fine in George’s little room.

C – have you heard they are having a gathering to celebrate opening the new office next week and are offering to buy us all dinner afterwards. Are you up for that, as I have to let them know and I do not want to go on my own?

S – yes, don’t often get the offer of a free dinner. What time?

C – 1830 at the office. Are you dry yet?

S – yes, all dried out and socks and shoes back on. 1830 will be fine; I will pick you up just before six. How is George getting along in New Zealand?

C – he is having a great time and is flying to Sydney in a couple of days. However, I have had a tenancy agreement through for his uni accommodation along with a bill for £500 (he organised it before he left). Bit of a struggle to find that, especially as we won’t see any money from the lambs for some time. Every Friday morning I get an alarm message from my bank giving me details of my balance – I am afraid all it ever does is fill me with alarm!

S – better to know the bad news each week than to wait for that bank statement to arrive!


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