Text Messages Could Be Even Stranger Than Usual!

She needs some flats!

She needs some flats!


S – there has been rather a break in communication, yet again. We can only say sorry for this. I spent two days in bed with yet another hideous virus – sore throat, temperature the lot, but thankfully fairly short lived. I think Toby and Camilla are on the home straits with regard to the lambing. Toby was muttering about the Annual Rugby Tour that is coming up but, with all those sheep and lambs, I think Camilla’s words were, “over my dead body” or similar! However, she has been saying this for the last 25 years and he always seems to manage to be tripping out of the door with his overnight bag in his hands on the Tour departure date – watch this space!!!

31 March 2014

C – how is your TJD? I have forgotten my glasses so my text messages could be even stranger than usual.

S – it is pretty much the same. I will be on the baby food for the next six months at this rate! First proper day at estate agents and I am shadowing – what fun!

C – poor you. I am at South Point Flats – think I may get an offer on one, please God. Just reading a paper and headline reads “Hunt for Man’s Penis. Major road was closed while Police searched the area after a man’s penis was severed in an attack”. No, it was not his jealous wife! He must have been poking it somewhere he should not have been!

S – oh dear, not pleasant. Lady I am with is doing viewings in the soggy Dorset countryside in a pair or beige stiletto heels. She has aerated several lawns today and nearly went down on one occasion! Another offer – you must be a star in your office.

C – it is only a possible offer – it is not on the table yet!


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