If I Compain Will Anyone Listen?



27 March 2014

S – a day of peace and quiet. Not a soul in, including my boss. Heaven.

S – just opened pay slip and bloody HMRC have got me on the wrong tax code and have taken £105.80 tax from me and, or course, it will be forever before they pay it back. But heaven help us if we are overdue in paying them!!

C – can you complain?

S – no, apparently not – just have to wait for money to be refunded at their convenience (and won’t get any interest either). I suppose you have been up since sparrow’s fart.

C – yes, sparrow’s fart. Been riding for two hours while others, who will remain nameless, sit in the car reading their books – how the other half live. How is the liquid food going – what is on the menu today?

S – nothing exciting. I will start looking like cottage cheese if I eat much more. It is very limiting when you can’t eat anything that requires chewing! I did manage to mush up some roast potatoes, broccoli and gravy when we had a roast – I can’t tell you how good it tasted after all that cottage cheese.

Later …

C – that is it – we need to get Tweeting more. Have just heard on the radio that even the Church is tweeting to its parishioners.

S – we do, but what we need to do this regularly is smart phones and there is not much chance of any of those in the near future.

C – no, no chance of a smart phone appearing in my handbag any time soon! Crystal is here for a cup of tea and she thinks maybe we need to spice our blog up a bit. The post with the photo of the bra and handcuffs got lots of view – one mention of sex and we are up and running. What do you think?

S – not sure about making stuff up. I think we are doing great with what happens in real life.

Much Later …

C – you are right. Have just been round to Kitty’s for a glass of wine and, talking to the girls, they said bugger the sex; they think it is more fun to write about getting out of having it!


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