Do Not Disturb – At Our Age We Need Our Beauty Sleep

Not What We Had In Mind!

Not What We Had In Mind! (Photo by Nevit Dilmen)

25 March 2014

S – I had time to glance at The Times on Sunday and happened to read a column about the Skinny Bitch Fitness Regime, or Skinny Bitch Collective (SBC). The list of rules was as follows:

Eat – healthy proteins, fat and fibrous carbohydrates such as quinoa and sweet potato – don’t touch rice or grains.

Sleep – aim for seven hours unbroken sleep in a pitch-black room. Avoid TV and phones before bedtime.

Sex – as much as possible. The more you have, the more you are going to feel great. It boosts your body and skin.

Relationships – if there is a negative person in your life do your best to help them – and, if that does not work, cut them out.

Exercise – uber-primal: running, jumping, crawling, squatting. Train three times with my method and then to one yoga or more holistic session. Sunday sprints – uphill – are also a big thing for us.

Camilla’s comments on the above were:

Eat – what the hell is quinoa?

Sleep – what should you do before bedtime if you do not watch TV.

Sex – when are you supposed to be having this sex if you are getting seven hours unbroken sleep a night. Our aim would be to slide seamlessly from the shower into our freshly laundered sheets hanging up a “Do Not Disturb” sign on the door. Perhaps it is what one is supposed to be doing before going to bed, rather than watching TV.

Relationships – don’t let Toby and Michael see that one, they might be cutting us out.

Exercise – Camilla is getting quite enough “uphill sprinting” chasing those sheep – Toby always seems to get the quad bike!


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