Mary Quant Eat Your Heart Out

Don't they look cute!

Don’t they look cute!

20 March 2014

C – thought a photo of the lambs in their new Macs would make a good post. I have tried to upload a picture of one of our lambs sporting one into the Media Library but my computer is on its last legs, like everything I own, and it refuses point blank to do anything in the least difficult; oh, just remembered, I have a husband like that. Could you do a post and find a photo?

The reason for this stylish apparel is that, after a fabulous fortnight of weather, a change in on its way. Rain should start a 3.00 o’clock this afternoon, so we have been busy bees this morning and introduced our flock to the latest must have for any respectable new born; the LAMB MAC. It is described on the box as the “lifejacket for lambs” and will keep them dry in the rain that is on its way, thus saving lives out there in the big bad world. The only problem is they are hell to get on and the ewes tend to be a little terrified of the lambs when they are wearing them; at least for a while. There must be a website we can link the blog to for Lamb Macs!

Mary Quant eat your heart out, our lambs are fit for the cat walk. All they need now are matching wellies and hats!

S – have just looked them up on the web – they don’t look very eco friendly – what happens to all that plastic when the lambs have managed to remove them?

C – they are biodegradable, of course. Could not have all that plastic littering up the countryside.

S – oh, I did not think of that. Hope they work and that they are not too expensive.

C – they don’t cost a great deal and, if they save one or two lambs, they will pay for themselves. Toby says they are the latest in high tech farming and a must have for any shepherd (or shepherdess)!


11 thoughts on “Mary Quant Eat Your Heart Out

    • They are hell to put on, you need two pairs of hands!!! Just been out to check them in the rain and found one hanging on the barbed wire fence it belonged to the tinest lamb who had lots his MAC, I managed to catch him and fit a new one. All the lambs who are not sporting one of these MACS are looking green with envy. More pics on the way.


      • Haha they are so cute!! Although I can imagine how difficult it is putting them on-I have the same problem with my dog’s jumper (even though he loves it when he’s finally in it!) 🙂 xx


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