Covered In Sheep Shit Most Of The Time!

They never go where you want them to!

They never go where you want them to!

16 March 2014

C – just starting to feel a bit more human now. Think I lost the plot earlier; always so much to do but now have dinner ready, managed a few hours lambing, all washing done, horse done twice, e-mails checked, ironing in basket ready to do after dinner and I managed to get my head down for an hour; have decided I can’t do sitting on sofa as you know that always ends in disaster. I need to be either awake and on the go or horizontal and asleep. I can’t do in-between it would seem. Sunday again – bugger it.

S – I have been busy all day being a taxi driver for the children. This afternoon I had to go to Bournemouth to visit an elderly friend of my mothers who as been ill and has no family. Like you, I just can’t say no. I must have carer stamped on my forehead. Michael is still unable to drive due to operation and strong medication. Thankfully, bowels seem to be returning to normal – or is that too much information?

C – definitely too much info! We have not blogged for several days. We must try to return to some sort of routine when the lambing has finished. How was you first full day’s viewings for estate agents yesterday?

S – as you had warned me pretty tiring – it is all that time on your feet, smiling and trying to be so very helpful!!

C – well, it is nowhere near as stressful as sheep and lamb moving. They are the stupidest animals in the world; especially when they have just given birth and any brain cells they may have had are gone! Have had to rugby tackle several lambs in order to get them where I want them to be. They are so bloody fast – who needs Spinning (which I do not have time for at the moment). I am knackered and covered in sheep shit most of the time!


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