Rich Baby Thinks We Need More Sexual Deviancy

Do you agree with Rich Baby?

Do you agree with Rich Baby?

10 March 2014

C – we are still facing huge technological challenges with the slowest broadband in the history of the world; it is nearly impossible to get things done. By the way we all pay the same monthly rate.

S – yes we do and it is something that I am always ranting to Michael about. It seems so unfair that we pay the same amount for half the service!

11 March 2014

C – the bloody bus went past Phoebe this morning again so I had to drive her in behind it, gnashing my teeth the whole way. Now at first clean and the owners have just returned from Oman – ten days in five star hotel, they already have a newsletter with photos on the kitchen table, so I have had to run through the whole holiday, yawn, yawn – it is alright for some. Apparently, they spent most of the holiday speaking French – thank goodness I did not get the ‘bonjour’ when the lady of the house opened the door. 🙂

S – now, now they are nice people and just happy to have someone to chat to about their holiday. Be patient with them.

Later …

C – just talking to our absent IT Guru, Richard. He thinks we need more raw emotion and deviant sex scenes in our blog to increase our followers. Any chance you can to the latter. I am just going to help with the sheep, so I am sure I will be able to do the raw emotion by the end of the day.

S – I am afraid no sexual deviancy in our household at the moment. The most exciting thing Michael (and I) have to look forward to is the hope that he will have a bowel movement in three days, after having had yet another operation.

C – could you not make something sexually deviant up, whilst waiting for this bowel movement?


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