The Times on Women

S – Camilla is so very busy helping Toby with the lambing that I think our texting will be limited for the time being. As promised I am now expanding on the article in The Times that I commented on a couple of days ago; here is most of what was said:

“British women have been crowned the multi-tasking queens of the developed world, successfully combining a job, most of the housework, childcare, a busy social life, plus several hours in front of the television every day.

Despite all this they still manage more than eight house sleep a night, perhaps just as well given how hectic their days are.

The findings come in a report from the organisation of developed economies, the OECD, to mark International Women’s Day this Saturday. If British women feel hard done by when it comes to dividing up the household chores, the study suggests they are right. British men still appear to be shirking thier responsibilities at home managing only 66 minutes of housework a day compared with their partners 133 minutes of washing, ironing and cooking. The tiny state of Slovenia emerges as the shining example of gender equality, at least when it comes to cleaning the bath. The OECD found that Slovenian men do 114 minutes of housework a day, the most in the developed world.

Across the 29 countries surveyed, women do an average of 168 minutes of routine housework a week and men 74.

In Britain, dining is the activity that appears to take the hit, with only 59 minutes a day spent on breakfast, lunch and dinner combined.

However, the data for the UK was compiled in 2005, and other studies suggest that Britain has become more interested in food in the intervening years. Other countries have more up-to-date evidence gathered from 2010 onwards.

However, there is some way to go before we catch up with the French who devote more time to eating and drinking than any other nation at 133 minutes a day.

The OECD represents and gathers data on the world’s leading economies and the majority of EU countries are members.

It said that overall it seems women are working for money more and doing less at home as a result.

Women are slowly closing the gap with men as more have careers. But here is still a huge gender gap in unpaid work, clearly showing that men are still struggling to lift much more than a finger from time to time in some countries, the OECD added”.


One thought on “The Times on Women

  1. Morning Sheshe, great post yesterday, it was very late when I got in last night i just could not blog. Excellent post I just love the closing statement. Great news today lots of healthy lambs this morning and the sun is shining on them all. Long term forcast is good. Spring is in the air at last.


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