Who Needs All That Hair Pulling

I am sure some people love them!  (Photo from www.indianspa.co.uk)

I am sure some people love them! (Photo from http://www.indianspa.co.uk)

5 March 2014

S – how goes it with you. Due to complaint re use of phone I am sitting in the loo texting.

C – bloody pain in the neck. I am knackered already – I need a rest!

Later …

C – I am struggling to stay focused could do with a nap. Got a viewing at the smart apartment tomorrow – it is on for £950,000 so would be great if I could sell that one – champagne would be required me thinks.

S – that would be a coup – everyone would be gnashing their teeth and we would be having a posh spa break with the full monty.

C – yes, last spa day seems like a very distant memory now, could just do with a full body massage to relieve the tension between my shoulder blades. Not so keen on the Indian head massage; all that hair pulling is a bit sadistic and it hurts, just can’t see the benefit myself, it’s torture.


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