Why Can’t We Do That?

Selfie goes viral

Selfie goes viral

3 March 2014

C – have decided to indulge myself completely and have the car washed as I heard mutterings about how dirty it is and I was given directions to the car wash. So here I am next to Lidls waiting for the car to be cleaned by a very nice Polish man. He is doing it for the grand sum of £5.00 and I know it is a lot and would only be £3.00 if I did it myself at the jet wash at King’s Road, but I can’t be arsed. Oh, and I forgot, I do have a husband who could do it – in my dreams!!!

S – have interview this afternoon at estate agents (thanks for letting me know about the Saturday job going in Dorchester). I am getting nervous now – do not think I am as charismatic as you!

C – rubbish, you will be brilliant – chins up, if I can blag it anyone can!

Later …

S – I have got the job and have some training booked for tomorrow – can’t believe it. She said they are really short staffed so I start in two weeks.

C – well done, I told you, you would be fine.

S – have been watching the news and it was the Oscars last night – 12 Years A Slave has done tremendously well. Sophie has seen it and she said it is brilliant and very heart rending. I must admit that, since I have been older, I do find it difficult to watch anything like that, especially if it is based on real life – am I a bit of a coward or is it that we have seen that things never seem to change. We were clearing out an old chest of drawers that had belonged to Michael’s mother the other day. We found an old newspaper from the 1950’s and Jamie started to read it. He commented that the news then was pretty much the same as it is today!

C – I know what you mean. Have not seen 12 Years A Slave Myself though I am sure the reviews and Oscars are well deserved. On a lighter note, how about the Ellen DeGeneres Oscar selfie that went viral – why can’t we do that?


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