Normal Service, Hopefully, To Be Resumed Shortly

S – yet again Camilla and I have had a day with limited communication. I have spent today with a very elderly friend of my late mother who is struggling with a lack of mobility and a very unwell husband. Camilla, having spent most of last week at the estate agents, has been busy catching up with housework and trying to spend some quality time with her Phoebe.

We have another good friend who is having a dreadful time at the moment with regard to family, so this has left us both with little that is “amusing and diverting”. Hopefully, normal service will be resumed shortly.

PS: I still have sore throat/virus (not great when visiting the elderly but I had no choice, as my presence was needed) and have decided to try wine instead of paracetamol – wine proving much more effective!


One thought on “Normal Service, Hopefully, To Be Resumed Shortly

  1. Hi Sheshe, thanks so much for taking up the gauntlet so to speak, and blogging once again. I know you feeling below par am sure wine is much more likely to hit the spot. We can get back on board with out blog this week i hope, although who knows what is around the corner to divert us yet again. Cheers and sleep well, speak soon. Camilla 🙂


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