Where Is Our Us Time?

No us time!

No us time! (Photo by theamazingskinnywrap.com)

26 February 2014

C – work, life, home, family all these things are taking up so much of our time leaving us floundering with not enough time to blog, which is something that gives us such enjoyment. Don’t want to throw in the towel just yet, do you?

S – no, but I am feeling the same way. I so enjoy our time together blogging and the laughs we have had are sadly missed at the moment. We need to laugh in life but at the moment there just seems to be no time.

C – I know. Are we failing in our time management skills, or should we hang up our blogging boots so to speak?

S – no, I think it is just that life, at the moment, is making too many demands on our time – we are mothers, wives and cleaning ladies as well as holding down other jobs.

C – ok we need a meeting, diaries at the ready – I can’t believe that we have even had to put Spinning on the back burner

Later …

C – have just heard this on the radio and it is a very frightening statistic – 25% of the women in this country are on some sort of medication for mental illness!!

S – we need some us time. Help!!!


2 thoughts on “Where Is Our Us Time?

  1. And we all know what your medication is ladies! You do get it over the counter but it’s usually made from grapes!!!!! And as for the spinning…….was that ever going to happen?


    • Yes, the medication made from grapes is always very popular with us and yes again, the Spinning will happen when Camilla has some time – she is more or less full-time at that estate agents at the moment and not finishing until six in the evening!


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