I Want Mine Done!

I want my eye lids lifted on the NHS!

I want my eye lids lifted on the NHS!

25 February 2014

S – can you believe it, Michael is going to have his eyelids lifted on the NHS – he is having it done in a month. Apparently, they are very bad as a result of his Acromegaly, so he qualifies on medical grounds. I want mine done on the NHS!!

C – bloody hell – how can that be – I want mine done too!! On another note, I am feeling very pleased with myself as I used the estate agent Manger’s iPad to take some photos of a house . After very minimal instructions I managed to create a portfolio of photos which would look good gracing any Facebook page. I was very chuffed when I returned to the office and the photos were much admired. My first time using an iPad!

S – I have never used one but would love one for jotting down blogging ideas. I am always thinking “I must blog that” when something happens and then can’t remember what it was I wanted to blog.

C – it’s our age, I’m afraid – I am the same – maybe a little notebook would be just as useful and a lot cheaper.

S – yes, good idea. How were things this afternoon in the estate agents – apart from you doing your David Bailey bit?

C – very busy and I am now in trouble with Phoebe for buying ready made gravy and pre-prepared vegetables – I was so tired I could not face doing supper from scratch and I knew Toby wouldn’t have even dreamt of trying to get something on the table!!

Later …

C – just to update you on the gravy – it does not taste of anything – very disappointed, and it cost a fortune. Will reach for the Bisto in future when I do not have time to make it myself. George has just called and it was great to speak to him. However, the reason for the call was that he has lost his Post Office Card and he wants me to get a replacement. Luckily I took a photocopy, because I am so organised, so will have to go to Post Office tomorrow – and of course I have so much time on my hands for queuing up – NOT!

S – oh well, at least you were able to have a chat with him – I am sure he is having a great time.


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