No Lunch Break – And It Was So Busy!

I need a new one!

I need a new one!

21 February 2014

S – just been told that has complained about my phone dinging with text messages. I have to now have phone on vibrate which is no good to me as I do not have an iPhone 5S like some others that flashes and vibrates so effectively when on silent!!

C – how horrid that someone would complain and not say something to you themselves.

S – I have never been complained about at work in my life!

C – we have had a power cut. I have had a most unproductive time since I got home going up and down the stairs switching things on and off – electricity only came back on about ten minutes ago.

S – did the lights come on, on their own?

C – no, it was the damn kettle that was blowing the trip switch. Been up and down the stairs another ten times and will now have to buy another kettle – what a day. I will have to get a kettle soon or Toby will be boiling water on the cooker or tying to use the broken kettle for that flask of his; and blowing the electrics willy nilly – and I will be up and down those stairs again.

S – think you will need to start on the wine early.

C – just looked in Media Library and can’t see funny picture I had uploaded – hell’s teeth I must have lost it due to the power cut and will now have to do it again. And all this after a full day at the estate agents – 0830 until 1800 without a lunch break and it was so busy!! The mini break pampering and relaxation seems like a distant memory now and was only twenty four hours ago. How can that be?


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