So Excited!

S - saw this and thought of you!

S – saw this and thought of you!

18 February 2014

C – so excited. Managed to fit two days cleaning into one so that I can go on girlie mini break tomorrow – can’t wait (sorry Sheshe, you were not invited but I will keep you informed of high jinks and antics with regular text messages).

S – wish I was coming with you. You sure do deserve a rest. When are you back?

C – on Thursday – I did say it was a mini break – funds will not stretch to a maxi break. Only downside is that I will have to be sporting my new swimwear in public. I am formulating a plan which will allow me to slither seamlessly from changing room to pool side, with a large bath sheet wrapped around me. Hoping that the buoyancy of the water will support all areas – it is quite a nice swimming costume actually; it just look hideous on me!!!

S – I am sure it is not that bad and bath sheet will prove most useful. At least you are having a break which is better than no break at all. Have fun!

C – please could you be on standby in case Toby forgets that he has a daughter, that she does not yet drive and that he has to take her to work on Thursday. His past record has proved him to be most unreliable in these situations.

S – message received – am standing by!!


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