It Is Torture – Could Ear Plugs Be The Answer?

What do you do?  (Photo from Country Wives)

What do you do? (Photo from Country Wives)

16 February 2014

C – Phoebe having a melt down over maths – will be ringing the school after half-term as I am fed up with all the drama.

S – Sophie shut in her room doing homework all afternoon; at least that is what she is telling me. Jamie away on school trip. Just watching Jennifer Aniston film on TV and she is wearing a grey wrap like mine – I told you it was trendy.

C – well, Phoebe and I thought it was a little strange but if Jen is wearing one, who are we to judge? I notice that we have had a viewer of our blog from Thailand – I wonder if it could have been George checking up on us?

S – could have been. Think it will be an early night for me – struggling with staying awake. Michael was snoring in my ear last night. I had to go downstairs and take to the day bed for some peace and quiet.

C – it is a bugger and it happens to me all the time. Toby sleeps in the chair until 2.00 ish then wakes me up coming to bed, and within seconds is snoring in my ear. It is torture and I do not have a day bed to take to! Was chatting to a friend about this exact problem, she said she has it sorted, she has purchased a pair of ear plugs, could this be the up and coming bedroom must have accessory?

S – I think it could be. Will double check early tomorrow that the leisure centre is still closed – I assume it will be, unless emergency repairs have been made to the roof! Will let you know if Spinning is still on.

C – oh, forgot to say I now have to work tomorrow so can’t Spin anyway. Maybe you could give it a whirl on your own and let me know how it goes.

S – I might have known you would get out of it somehow. I think it will be a case of rebooking when the roof is fixed, so no backing out!!!


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