Purple, What Was I Thinking!!

Impulse shopping always a mistake!

Impulse shopping always a mistake!

12 February 2014

C – so depressed, been trying on clothes for estate agents job and am horrified at my body shape. Am officially fat and over fifty – shit; when did all this happen?

S – you are in TK Maxx, I take it.

C – yes your favourite shop; have completely lost the plot and paid £50 for an Osprey handbag – why? Not sure I even like the bloody colour. Impulse buying never works for me, I have nothing to go with it. Handbag purchase was meant to cheer me up – it’s called “retail thearpy” but am not feeling the glow. Should have spent the money on Spinning Classes!!

S – yes, big mistake. Calm down I will come around this evening to take a look at the bag and we can find something in your wardrobe that goes with it (or, if that fails, you can take it back).

C – good idea but we need to go Spinning at least three days a week in order for me to shift this lot. Everything is out of control; bloody hideous and, to boot, I have definitely decided I don’t like the colour of the bag – purple, what was I thinking. Will have to go back tomorrow to change it – bugger.

S – Why did you buy it?

C – because I always see women with colourful bags that I like but can never find one for myself? We could go on Friday if you are free.

S – that will be fine. I only have to prepare the holiday cottage and that won’t take long.

13 February 2014

S – am in the office. Got a few things to do (bugger), then I will look at posts. Need a nice hot chocolate before I can think of starting.

C – gone mad with grief at state of my body and am now working all day at estate agents on Friday, so will just have to dash in when I can to get refund on bag.

S – never mind – think of the money for that extra day at estate agents.


2 thoughts on “Purple, What Was I Thinking!!

    • I know what you are getting at, I should go for the boots, purple handbags will definately not go with brown boots so I had to take it back. Problem is boots are considerably more expensive than bag. Thanks for the reminder


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