Saying No

What shall we wear?

What shall we wear?

10 February 2014

Camilla has had her hair done today and come over to me afterwards to put together a post. She was seated with her hair in a mountain of foils when Toby phoned to see if she could help him move some sheep – you can imagine what her reply was – I don’t think I can print it!

Good old Radio 4 have done it again, producing a very interesting interview on Woman’s Hour about “Saying No”. What they were discussing is that most women need to learn to say NO to someone at lease once a day, be it husband, children or friends. Apparently, most women seem to have a problem with saying no to their nearest and dearest. They agree to all requests and then spend a great deal of the day complaining that they are doing everything whilst, others seem to be “Fiddling Whilst Rome Burns”. According to the programme, men are happy to say no and use sentences such as “You don’t need me to go to the bank, do you?” instead of “Do you need me to go to the bank?”

Looking back we feel that our parent’s generation were much better at deflecting requests, especially where their children were concerned. Do any of our female (or indeed male) readers feel that they have problems with saying “NO”?

On another note, we have agreed to go for the BIG SPINNING SESSION tonight, so we are girding our loins for a very painful 45 minute session, followed by debrief in the pub afterwards. Now the big issue is what to wear?


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