We Need A Plan B

Skipping. Is This Our Plan B?

Skipping. Is This Our Plan B?

7 February 2014

c – hooray, the bus stopped to pick up Phoebe this morning – a good start to the day. Had to laugh as the wind was playing merry hell with that short, short skirt.

S – yes, Sophie was stressing about that as well and clutching feebly at the back of her “pelmet of a skirt” in an effort to keep it down. The headmaster was at the gates – he needs to be a bit tougher about this skirt length business.

Later …

C – am feeling clinically depressed; as you know a great friend of mine, Kristina, is soon to be joining the 50 plus brigade. She has decided to celebrate the event by going to a posh hotel/spar and I have been invited. Yes, there is a God up there who knows I need a break with the girls. It is, of course, the best therapy that does not require a prescription and will include copious amounts of champagne, wine and laughter.

S – oh, you lucky thing I wish I could come.

C – so sorry Sheshe limited guest list “Best Friends Only” but will send you a text with a photo of us all enjoying ourselves.

S – thanks!

C – the whole thing will be wonderful, 5 star luxury hotel, pool, spa treatments, lunch, dinner and then a fabulous treat; lunch at a seriously posh waterside hotel on the way home. So I need a swimming costume. Went to TK Maxx to try on cossies. Not to be recommended, it was a hideous ordeal never to be repeated. Unleashing my usually well scaffolded body in that cubical was pure hell. Hence the depression and need for more wine. Top of my wish list is now some drastic cosmetic surgery – do not think anything else will help.

S – steady on can’t be that bad, come over and we can have a glass of wine and put some posts together.

C – ok, just leaving but am not the best company today.

S – we must start that spinning next week – we have been talking about it for so long! Hopefully you are not filling in at the estate agents and that will give us time.

C – no, not at estate agents so spinning is a sure thing!!


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