It Looks A Bit Scary!

Ok, the dog was not as scary as it looked! (Photo by Korry B)

Ok, the dog was not as scary as it looked! (Photo by Korry B)

4 February 2014

C – bloody bus went straight past this morning – a new driver. Last thing I needed when I had to be in two places at once. Does the bus driver not know how busy my day is and that driving to school is just not on my list of things to do? Also, could not believe it, that Michael Portillo was on Radio 4 this morning; a programme to do with the war – he must be raking it in – no wonder he can afford all those jackets.

S – yes, he certainly seems to be flavour of the month, if not the year. I am in the Nationwide Building Society for about the fourth time trying to get my sister’s account sorted. The manager who was dealing with it has got promotion and they are saying that the information he gave me is incorrect (how did he get promotion?). I have yet more forms to fill in and send to Olivia’s previous carer!

C – still filling if at the estate agents for the person on leave. I have just arrived at first viewing for this afternoon – am waiting for clients and there is a damn dog in the house – it looks a bit scary – help!

S – they should have had the fact that there is a dog in the house on the details – not very professional.

C – changing the subject, we did not have as many views yesterday (although number of followers has gone up). Do you think we need to have a more definite theme to our blog and what could it be?

S – well, the thing we know most about is cleaning but I don’t think that is the most riveting of subjects, although Kim and Aggie seem to have made a mint out of it! Maybe we could get free cleaning products arriving on our doorsteps – a bit like The Wine Wankers getting all that wine.

C – now wine piling up on my door step I could do with, but cleaning products – no thank you!

S – no, I can’t see myself getting excited about cleaning products either – maybe just stick to our present format for the moment!!


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