There May Be Trouble Ahead

I  have made sure George has taken some Imodium Plus with him!

I have made sure George has taken some Imodium Plus with him! (Photo by Steve Knight)

2 February 2014

S – what news of the traveller?

C – I had a Facebook message yesterday from George – it said “arrived in Bangkok”. That was it, no pleasantries bless him. Just reading the BCC News Headlines “British tourists in Bangkok warned to stay indoors on Election Day”. Bloody typical – I hope he gets on a bus quickly out of there.

S – just happened to be surfing the net myself and found the following UK Foreign Office advice – try not to be alarmed:

“There is a high threat from terrorism. Bomb and grenade attacks have been indiscriminate, including in places visited by expatriates and foreign travellers. You should remain vigilant and keep abreast of local security advice and media reports”.

C – fat chance of not being alarmed, with George’s knack of being in the wrong place at the wrong time – watch this space.

S – can’t wrap him up in cotton wool – that poor woman at Burton Bradstock was only standing under the cliffs and look what happened to her. When your number is up it is up!

C – I have put the Dorset Evening Echo photo of him playing rugby in a frame in case I forget what he looks like. However, I will not miss that filthy rugby kit or all the wet towels hanging around the house! There is, of course, one other advantage to George’s absence – I am able to banish Toby to his room when the snoring becomes so bad he is in danger of being smothered!! Does anyone have a cure, other than divorce, for this irritating male habit?


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