It’s Been A Pig Of A Day

Feeling like a pig in shit

It’s been a pig of a day!

1 February 2014

C – can’t believe how fast the morning came around, feel like my eyes have not been closed for longer than five minutes. The alarm went off at six, Toby is taking the cows off to market today. I just hope the price is good and that he does not have to bring them home, after all the work moving them and TB testing them twice and then transporting them (not to mention the rent for the land). At work, have got three viewings on the cards this morning, so feet not touched the ground. Every time I put my nose outside the door its pissing down and blowing a hurricane. What is going on with the weather, bloody global warming it’s just not on.

Later …

C – it is manic in the office – six viewings this afternoon, so am on the road in the wind and rain again, joyful – this working for a living is a mugs game, not even time for lunch.

C – you are not responding to my text messages from the edge where are you? More importantly have you lost your phone. I am in need of some texting support!!!

S – sorry, phone still on silent after funeral I had to go to yesterday. Have been carting children around all day and now have eight to feed this evening, as Jamie has friends over. It’s like a cafeteria in this house. Hope George arrived safely in Thailand – news from that part of the world not good!

Much Later …

C – he has texted to say be arrived safely but it is typical that the minute he steps foot on Thai soil the country erupts into violence. I will text you tomorrow, just wanted to share this picture with you which a friend sent me.


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