It Must Be Surgery

Don't fancy surgery, even if I could afford it. (Photo by Phil Beard)

Don’t fancy surgery, even if I could afford it. (Photo by Phil Beard)

29 January 2014

C – I am sitting in the car at the bus stop. Phoebe has got out and it waiting for the bus but I am sure it has gone, as we are very late. She is checking the endless pockets in her blazer. I can tell by her face that something has been left at home. It won’t be the eyeliner, as that is the most important item she takes to school. Oh, she has returned to the car – she does not have a pen!!! Argh

C – at hospital now with nose in Hello magazine – that is the only good thing about a hospital visit – the magazines one can’t afford to buy. Had bad news today; a friend has been diagnosed with breast cancer – I only hope it is the type that can be treated successfully. Am feeling very selfish whinging about things – there is always someone worse off than you.

S – how awful. Yes, magazines are best part of a hospital appointment, although I find that I now don’t know most of the so-called celebrities featured in them. It must be yet another sign of my age. Hope all is ok with you at your check up.

C – everything fine – I voiced my worries about the mesh implant that I had heard bad things about on the radio but they said I did not have mesh. Oh joy I have tape, lucky me, apparently it can deteriorate and may need to be done again in 20 years or more. I think I will cross that bridge when I come to it.

Later …

S – just watching Taste on TV with Nigella. She looks amazing – not one wrinkle on her face and no white powder on her nose. She is trying to be the new Mary Berry, I think, but it is not working for me.

C – wrinkle-less face must be due to expensive surgery – how old is she anyway?

S – have just looked her up on Google and am very depressed – she is two years older than me and looks about 10 years younger. It is simply not fair – and to think that she has abused her body with cocaine – it has to be surgery!!!

C – well there is no use being married to that Saatchi bloke if you cannot benefit from the money and have a little nip and a tuck when you want one. God knows he is nothing to look at.


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