Not The “M” Word, Please

I never thought one of these would be so essential. (Photo by Fazong)

I never thought one of these would be so essential. (Photo by Fazong)

28 January 2014

S – Diana is running late and won’t be here until 1100, possibly later. Thought you may be able to make it to have your hair done and to do some blogging.

C – am waiting to hear from George to find out if he needs any last minute stuff for trip – I will get it whilst he is packing. Also I have told him he must clean out that tip of a car before he leaves for foreign parts. As you know, nothing will get done if I am not here cracking the whip so will have to see how I get on. Say hi to Diana if I don’t make it and be bold with the hair colour – you need it to last!

S – yes, definitely going for bold – I will be a blond bombshell by the end on the day. I can’t stand all that grey any longer. When did it all happen? One minute my hair was a mass of think fair curls and the next it was grey and brittle!!!

C – I think it is called having children followed by the menopause!

S – not the “M” word, please, I have got to the point where the fan in my office is the most essential piece of equipment.

C – and who did you have to sleep with to get a fan in your office, I wonder?

S – that’s my little secret, but it was a good move as I heard on the radio that some people can suffer with the menopause for as long as 8 years. Other side effects can be loss of libido, mood swings, sleeplessness. I thought that theses were the side effect of being married and having teenage children.

C – hooray thanks for sharing that news with me. I have all the above plus the urge to stab someone whose name I will not mention on a regular basis. Wine helps!!! Can’t wait to see the new Blonde Sheshe, I may not recognise you, unless you have got a glass in your hand.


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