I Was Having A Lovely Day Until I Saw You!

Princess Anne and Paparazzi not a good mix! (Photo by Miguel Ugalde)

Princess Anne and Paparazzi not a good mix! (Photo by Miguel Ugalde)

21 January 2014

S – when has Phoebe got her Science ISA – mine had theirs yesterday and they both said the second paper was very difficult, and that the preparation they had done did not seem to be particularly relevant – what is happening with these new GCSEs – even the teachers don’t seem to know what to expect?

C – bit fed up myself. Phoebe has hers today so don’t know how she has done yet. The teachers seem to come and go with eye watering regularity which creates an atmosphere of inconsistency and general mayhem, even before you take into account the changes to the GCSE system brought in by Michael Gove and his cronies.

Michael Gove Pin Cushion Voodoo Doll - we all need one!

Michael Gove Pin Cushion Voodoo Doll – we all need one! (from Snorkers Imaginarium)

S – yes, read article yesterday in the Daily Telegraph entitled “Children hit by an onslaught of stress over exams, bullying and sex” – not a pleasant read.

C – yes, I read that article but my eye was drawn to the one below entitled “Not amused, no baby talk by Anne – here it is in full, it was printed under a photo of Anne on her horse. “The Princess Royal riding on her Gatcombe Park Estate in Gloucestershire yesterday (lucky cow). Asked by a photographer if she was having a nice day with her new granddaughter, she said: “I was having a lovely day until I saw you”. That Prinky Anne has always had a poor relationship with the paparazzi.

S – very funny – like that one. However, back to our original topic – are anyone else’s children stressing about the new GCSE format, and the Science ISAs in particular?

Later …

C – sorry, forgot to ask how Michael is doing after his brain surgery – did they find one?

S – he knew you would ask that. All went well although he is feeling a bit battered and bruised so, under doctor’s orders, is taking it easy!

C – some people have all the luck – I could do with some doctor’s orders like that!

S – have you noticed that we have a follower in the United Arab Emerites.

C – Oh very interesting, we have gone global.


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