Up To Our Eyeballs

S – I am afraid Camilla and I have been rather silent, so to speak, over the last couple of days. We have be “up to our eyeballs” in it. Camilla had a full days cleaning yesterday and an evening out with her cleaning ladies from the holiday house she manages, so that left her with no time to look at Text Messages From The Edge.

My excuse is that my husband had brain surgery yesterday so, as you can imagine, I did not find myself in the mood to blog. To boot Camilla woke up this morning to flickering and hissing lights, like something out of a horror movie. Upon investigation it was found that the mains cable to her flat (which she rents) had corroded and caught fire. This means she no longer has an electricity supply! Something good, however, has come out of this – George’s girlfriend is washing his disgusting, muddy, putrid rugby kit for him – could this be the end of a beautiful relationship? Phoebe has been dispatched to me as Camilla is out this evening and Phoebe was not looking forward to an evening alone in the dark. Toby has set up a generator but this is having limited effect as it will only work the TV, and the kettle of course for the dreaded flask.


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