Kill Or Cure (Or A Hair From The Dog)

How Clean is Your Flask?  (Photo by Renata Horvat)

How Clean is Your Flask? (Photo by Renata Horvat)


We feel as if we have followed all the rules to the last letter with regard to getting Freshly Pressed, yet we still do not have that coveted blue widget on the side of our blog. If anyone has been Freshly Pressed, what is your secret?

14 January 2014

C – heard on the radio this morning that the French have mistresses and that the British have tea; hence the saying that someone or something is “your cup of tea”. I wonder what Toby’s dreaded flask of tea symbolises – he can’t leave the house without it – it is like a security blanket. Every time I fill the kettle I turn round to use it, only to find that Toby has emptied the contents into his aluminium flask. He claims numerous benefits, apart from the obvious cup of tea, to always having it with him. The other day he was able to gain entry to his truck only because he had his trusty flask, full of hot tea. The lock was frozen and he poured hot tea over it to unfreeze it – have you ever heard of such a thing? He is always very generously offering others a sip of tea from it, but only the foolhardy would accept this offer. If Kim and Aggie were to swab the flask heaven only knows what bugs they could grow in a Petri dish!!

S – yes, I have noticed that he even takes it into his office with him. Hope your day is ok with all that you have to do. My stomach is playing up again but won’t tell Michael as he will stress (about getting it himself, due to impending brain surgery).

C – why don’t you try a sip out of Toby’s flask – it might help though I suspect it would be “kill or cure”. Toby wants me to help move those bloody cows again as it is going to tip down with rain tomorrow. They are the fittest and most travelled cows in the whole of Dorset.


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