I Didn’t Feel A Thing

I am afraid Michael looked like one of these.  (Photo by Nick Manning)

I am afraid Michael looked like one of these. (Photo by Nick Manning)

Sunday Morning 11.00 O’Clock Precisely

C – have been texting you for ages, where are you?

S – just got up, had a bit of a lie in.

C – bloody hell, how the other half live. Think of all the blogging you could have done. Lying around in bed is not going to get our backsides on that BBC Breakfast Sofa or get us freshly pressed, you know.

S – okay, okay I am on to it.

C – whilst you have been enjoying a lie in, I have been doing hours of research in order to further my understanding of Social Media and, in particular, Twitter. Sadly, I must admit I am none the wiser.

S – don’t panic, look how far we have come in the last three months since we started. Blogging seemed like an impossible task and now we have that part of it down to a fine art.

C – yes, not bad for two “country ladies”. We need this blogging to generate some income otherwise we will be on the bones of our asses; in fact I think I am there already!

Later …

S – what news on the Spinning Class?

C – nothing to report as I have been busy moving cattle again today for TB testing. Keeping everything crossed that they get the all clear and can go to market on Saturday, as rent for the fields is due. I notice Toby and George were hogging the quad bikes today, whilst I did all the running. I get the impression Toby was not impressed with my quad bike skills; I heard mutterings about women drivers or was it screw drivers? When I challenged him he pretended not to hear me. Selective hearing I think is the non-medical term for it.

S – men, I think we are very good on the quad bikes. Actually, think we should put Spinning on hold until we have mastered Twitter – we really do need to get to grips with it.

C – no worries as they say down under and, talking about Twitter, we have been retweeted twice today and re-pinned twice, and I did not feel a thing!

S- that is great. Oh no Michael Portillo on the TV again, just had to have a quick look to see what jacket he is wearing and, OMG, he looks like a deck chair. Gok help please.


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