Suffering With Bloggers Block – Need More Lubrication!!

It's exhausting this blogging lark!

It’s exhausting this blogging lark! (Photo by anel77anel)

11 January 2104

C – just had Helena on the phone – she is loving the blog, especially the one with the photo of the firm bottom cheeks and asked if we would be sporting the bow, if our asses ever get that firm.

S – glad to hear she likes it – not sure about sporting that bow – don’t want to give Michael the wrong idea. Not feeling great but came to work for a sit down and peace and quiet. Sorry you are still not well.

C – I know it’s crap this cold – did our friend have a wonderful Christmas or is he off sick?

S – have not clapped eyes on him. He must have sloped off somewhere for a spot of skiving.

C – bloody hell it’s alright for some, here is me wielding this Miele vacuum cleaner for hours on end. I could do his job with one hand tied behind my back. Keep your ear to the ground in case a position becomes available, ie his!!!

S – been thinking about our blog and I have come up with a few options that could help us to gain some blogging material. You know how I love a list, it makes me feel organised and focused, (maybe I do need counselling after all). We can discuss options over a bottle of wine this evening, if you are free.


1. Wine tasting weekend away – lots to talk about afterwards and new people to meet.

2. Pamper weekend away – we can analyse new fitness techniques, treatments and advise on relaxation methods or meditation classes. An opportunity to find ourselves and get in touch with our feminine side, (this sort of things if very popular according to Woman’s Hour). Commonly known as “ME TIME”.

3. An off road, 4×4 all terrain day to include a session on quad bikes; cross country assault course optional. A chance to practice our routine for the Dorset County Show.

4. Take a pilates class.

C – List is excellent, but funds may be lacking – think we will have to choose just one (perhaps the cheapest one), to do along with the spinning. If we win the Lottery we could take a wine tasting trip to Australia – I am sure the Wine Wankers could do with a helping hand to taste all those bottles of wine that people keep sending them.

S – Yes, of course funds a problem – just dreaming with some of the suggestions. We haven’t had any book deals fluttering into our in-box so may have to make do with the pilates class!


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