We Need To Get Down And Dirty

How dirty do we need to get?

How dirty do we need to get?

10 January 2014

S – great programme on Woman’s Hour the other day; yes, I have been converted. They were talking about a very successful novelist who spent a great deal of time struggling to get published, and was surrounded by weak men. Her novel is called Hester, can you Google it if you get time, as not sure of the author’s name. It may provide us with some useful tips.

C – ok, had to text you as I think the New Year is looking up. I was busy dusting and polishing for Mrs P when I noticed a copy of the Radio Times, announcing a new series of Birds of a Feather – must see viewing – thank you ITV.

S – brilliant news but I have a feeling it may clash with Silent Witness, typical of the BBC, they can never get anything quite right.

C – do you think someone will want to make a TV series of our blog. I can see it now. Two country ladies from rural Dorset, finding themselves on the bones of their asses who start blogging to make ends meet. What happens next?

S – well, lots of friends I have spoken to have been very supportive and are enjoying our posts, but the underlying advice is that we need to get a bit more controversial and “down and dirty” – any ideas?

C – I hope, of course, you are speaking metaphorically!! I think we need to do much more research into this before we commit to anything we may regret.


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