Fifty Shades Of Beige

Fifty Shades Of Beige

Fifty Shades Of Beige

3 January 2014

Camilla and I have recently revisited Cherry Menlove’s blog. Now we both admire how successful she has been but, is it just us, or does anyone else want to reach for a bucket quite a lot of the time when reading it? The tipping point was the post about making a homemade garland for one’s mantelpiece. Has anyone made one of these? In fact who has nothing better to do than to “potter around the house hanging up the odd decoration hither and thither”; instead of grabbing them out of the loft and leaving it all to your children, while you sip a nice glass of Pinot Grigio.

Has cynicism set in – does everyone else think that her blog is “Jolly Good Fun” and full of useful tips? Take a look at it and let us know if we really are just Grumpy Old Women. If there is such a thing as Room 101 We think she should be put in there, along with the Christmas News Letter.


4 thoughts on “Fifty Shades Of Beige

  1. Also, why I am on the subject, I am feeling the need to create my own felt bauble garland to adorne my “Bermuda Maxi” back boiler mantlepiece for this years festivities! What else am I going to do all year?


  2. Why, only yesterday, inbetween sipping some cheap red and putting my son to bed I rustled up homemade mincemeat. Anyone would think all you do is drink wine, clean and chase sheep around a windy rainy field in Dorset! Get a grip ladies.


    • Get a grip is exactly what I would like to do the that bloody woman’s neck. And yes you have described my day to a tee, you forgot to add washing, ironing, cooking and running the kids to and froe. By the way Sheshe and Camilla only sip cheap white wine, unless we have run out and then will will resort to the red. :0


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