Spinning And Sipping Sounds Good To Me

Is this the body we will have after all that spinning?  (Photo by Michal Zacharzewsk)

Is this the body we will have after all that spinning? (Photo by Michal Zacharzewsk)

2 January 2014

C – I cannot even begin to describe how wet and windy it was yesterday when moving those bloody sheep. The rain was driving horizontally and the sheep were behaving very badly, as only sheep can when they decide to be belligerent. Even Toby was at his wits end with the rain. I sent this text message to my Brother-In-Law “Hi needless to say sheep episode a complete nightmare, was soaked to knickers within minutes of getting out of truck, and walking across one field. Sheep very uncooperative in driving wind and rain. Tempers generally frayed; speak soon”.

S – what a relief we don’t have any sheep, kids are enough for me to organise from A to B. Have spent this holidays providing a first class unpaid taxi service to all and sundry. Oh joy.

C – my New Year’s resolution is to avoid all sheep activities for the year ahead; this I hope will not be difficult, and certainly much easier than giving up one of my five fruits a day; (grapes). Still I am adamant that we start to get ourselves fit. We really need to address this issue and be proactive.

S – ok I am up for that; just let me know when and were. I will be donning my lycra. What do you have in mind?.

C – well I was reading The Drunken Cyclist blog the other day and it turns out that he is a spinning instructor (it’s a small world), as it is my plan to take up SPINNING. You may wish to Google it but I have heard good things about this spinning lark, and think we should give it our best shot. I will make some enquiries re classes. I know how you hate the water so swimming in out and I do not fancy jogging, I am just not built to run.

S – ok, I have found the post you were talking about; you failed to mention the title was “Sipping and Spinning” and that it involves wine tasting after the class.

C – no, I was hoping to save that as a surprise but it sounds just fine to me. I have a feeling that some of our friends/followers may enjoy it as well!


4 thoughts on “Spinning And Sipping Sounds Good To Me

    • I think you are quite right by the time we finish spinning we will only be fit for a hot bath and bed. The sipping will have to be weekends only. Don’t tell Sheshe or she will not come, its my carrot on a stick theory!!


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