Fifty Shades of Rural Dorset

Due to the New Year celebrations we have decided to reblog one of our earlier posts, that may not have been seen by some of our new followers. It was one of our happiest days putting this one together and we hope you enjoy it once more. As we type this we are sitting with our kids who are watching the Abba Movie. Sadly we are showing our age as we know all the words the songs and they are looking at us with open mouths as if to say “Mum you are so so old”. Happy New Year to all our followers; we are looking forward to the fun we will have in the New Year 🙂 Sheshe and Camilla.

Sheshe and Camilla's Text Messages From The Edge

S – Starting this blog has been not dissimilar to becoming first time mothers. Having created this monster we then looked to friends for comments and guidance. The upshot is that, like rearing children, there is no right or wrong way to write a blog but lots of challenges to be overcome. Everyone giving you different advice, but no one offering any practical help other than Rich Baby, our wonderful IT guru, whose last text referred to turning his attention to the black art of promoting the Fifty Shades of Rural Dorset (his name for our blog)!! Words have been bandied about such as passion, dedicated to your subject and time consuming. A lot of discussion has been directed at our texts not being current. This is because we started compiling them some time ago and, due to our reference to the weather (and lambs dying of cold), they would…

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