Dusting Off Florence Nightingale Outfit

I have an outfit in Camilla's size! (Photo by mckenna71)

I have an outfit in Camilla’s size! (Photo by mckenna71)

30 December 2013

S – the New Year is not yet upon us and I am already considering temporarily shelving my new fitness regime and no drinking strategy. Michael has been given a date of 11 January for his brain surgery so will need some looking after when he gets home. And his brother, who is working on a yacht in the Caribbean, has injured himself. It has been recommended that he return to the UK for surgery so he will be coming to us to recuperate, as his house is rented out. I think I may be rather busy – any additional exercise and the prospect of no wine is not looking appealing. Must dust off my Florence Nightingale outfit.

C – call that an excuse – think not but then, on the other hand, you could slip seamlessly back into your role as carer big time!

S – have found a second Florence Nightingale outfit in just your size, if you fancy mucking in?

C – in truth it sounds better that “spinning” and going without the beloved white wine. I love it when a plan comes together!


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