Really Should Not Be Moaning About The NHS, But Those Jabs Are Expensive

Expensive gap years!

Expensive gap years! (Photo by Heidi Marasigan)

C – have just been to Tesco’s and paid £145 for some Japanese Yellow Fever injection (or at least I think that is what it is for – I wonder if it is any good for a hangover?). George needs it for Thailand. This is the last in a long line of costly jabs that I have had to pay for. The GP did suggest that Rabies would be a good idea at the bargain basement price of £100. I am afraid I said that, that was “one jab too far” and that my purse was empty. I have reminded George not to touch any stray dogs, and told him to get himself to hospital in the unlikely event that he is bitten by a rabid animal! I understand that the NHS is falling apart at the seams but it is a shame they could not have waited another 12 months so that these expensive injections could have been free!

S – oh dear, I do remember when all your holiday jabs were free! With George’s reputation for bad luck I feel a hospital visit coming on. At the very least, his stay in Thailand should provide us with some interesting blogging material and you with some sleepless nights.

C – by the way, the mystery of the hamper has been solved – it was sent by the chap who owns the holiday house – where is that knight in shining armour? Following long discussion with various friends about how their Christmas’s panned out I have decided that yours sounded the best possible day, with the afternoon spent in bed.

S – I don’t know about that – I am definitely making an effort not to repeat the afternoon in bed next year.


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