Giving Radio 4 A Try

Giving Radio 4 a try.  (Photo by Griszka Niewiadomski)

Giving Radio 4 a try. (Photo by Griszka Niewiadomski)

27 December 2013

S – as suggested am giving Radio 4 a try and heard an interesting discussion. Some scientists decided to do a study to see if couples could be happier if they did not argue. It was decided that the husbands would agree to everything that the wives said and wanted. After a short time happiness was measured and had increased slightly in the women. However, after twelve days the study had to be abandoned as the men fell into deep depression. Oh well!!

C – oh well, exactly – what a surprise! It is my first morning at the new clean in Dorchester. Everything wonderful; house and garden beautiful – all that money can buy. Racks full of wine and was just vacuuming the sitting room when the door bell rang. Yet another huge box of wine being delivered – they are definitely sipping their wine, not tipping it down their necks!! We need to adopt this attitude to wine consumption.

S – I agree entirely, if the last week is anything to go by. How are the scars healing up?

C – oh not to bad, must not crumble. Have been busy changing over the house today with the girls, everyone a bit subdued must be the Post Christmas Blues, or is it that we are all exhausted with the preparations before hand. I think we should have a year off. What do you think?


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