Hamper Still A Mystery!


S – we seem to have lost the plot a little as yesterday we managed to “like” our own post and we can’t seem to get rid of it. We are really not that Narcissistic!

Gadding about on the moors more my cup of tea!

Gadding about on the moors more my cup of tea! (Photo by Ali Taylor)

24 December 2013

S – still wondering who on earth your hamper could be from. Hope it is from a well heeled chap.

C – I have always fancied going out with a Jonty, Casper or Hugo – what do you think?

S – maybe an Irish chap would nice – someone earthy who likes to get his hands dirty like Diarmuid Gavin – I will have to Google him – don’t know how to spell his name.

C – that’s a bit more Lady Chatterley’s Lover than Bridget Jones’s Diary and you don’t have a summer house, or even a garden shed, for all the passion to take place in!!

S – I feel sure I could improvise on the lack of shed, but was thinking more “swashbuckling” you know Heathcliff ish – all that gadding about on the moors much more my cup of tea. Or maybe we need to get into the 21st century, rather more like “Fifty Shades of Dorset”. I can see it all now, we need to set it in West Bay as that is where all the good TV drama is set these days.

S – LOL – like your thinking – what about a Gabriel Oak or Sargent Troy as I quite fancy the uniform – oh the list goes on!!

C – yes, I did like Tom Cruise in Officer and a Gentleman?

S – we could be at this all night – what fun. Ooh, yes – definitely doing it for me; a man in uniform 

C – more fun than wrapping presents and cooking supper. On another subject, I had a very funny morning at my first clean the other day, as tensions were running high and voices raised over Christmas decorations and where to put them. She said that she was fed up because he had done nothing towards Christmas.

C – I fear it is the same in every house in the land!

S – Cheers, I will drink to that.

Sheshe and Camilla would like to raise a glass of something bubbly to say a big thank you to all our loyal followers of Text Messages From The Edge. It is by way of a double celebration; not only is it Christmas Day tomorrow but we have now got “100” followers, and have enjoyed every minute of it. 🙂



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