My Starsky And Hutch Moment

C – Phoebe must seriously think I am the coolest mother in the world. Leaving the house late, yet again, for the bus, I spotted that it had pulled in and was waiting at the bottom of the lane. In my slightly hung over state (due to Staff Christmas Party) I did not want to be driving on public roads. Seeing the bus waiting I decided to drive flat out at it with my lights flashing. I slalomed my way around an oncoming vehicle in the lane with the grace and speed of a Formula 1 racing car driver; actually it was a bit of a Starsky and Hutch moment. I slammed the brakes on at last minute in order for Phoebe to exit the car and get onto the bus with ease. The Toyota Starlet which the garage have lent me (as my car is off the road), performed like a Porsche. I think all the children on the bus, and my daughter, were impressed with my driving skills and it’s not even 08.30 yet. I am sure I will be the talk of the school this morning 🙂

Later …

C – Oh dear Phoebe not impressed with my driving skills and was mortified that we attracted so much attention when I raced for the bus – apparently it was noticed by everyone!!! So yes, failed again.

S – I did think you were being a tad optimistic in thinking you were going to be bandied about school as the coolest mum, but did not want to spoil the moment for you.

C – call yourself a friend, it’s clear you are just jealous of my exceptional driving skills. Must dash text you tomorrow, if I have time!!!


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