Who Is My Mr Darcy/Gabriel Oak?

A Huge Thank You  To Whoever Sent This!!

A Huge Thank You To Whoever Sent This!!


S – I am afraid we have been rather “up to our eyeballs” in it over the last couple of days culminating in my son and I spending a whole day in hospital waiting for him to have a brain scan. Much to everyone’s relief it turned out to be a false alarm and all is well. Camilla had her estate agents hat on yesterday, (I often worry that she is wearing the wrong hat as she flits from job to job. Still onwards and upwards, and at last we are once again blogging together, all be it briefly).

21 December 2013

C – delivering Christmas cards for estate agents in a large block of flats. Just been stuck in dark underground car park trying punch in the key code for the access doors. Thank God for those much maligned glasses with lights, as it was impossible to see the small numbers in the dark. Every budding estate agent should be issued with a pair on day one. This is the second time these glasses have saved my bacon in the past week. Whilst at a totally candle lit carol service, other attendes struggled to read their hymn sheets. I quickly switched on my glasses and was able to see clearly and sing loudly. Looking up from my hymn sheet I noticed a look of pure envy from the other carollers! Result. Thinking of putting the spare pair on e-bay to see how much I can get for them. I can provide a detailed description of the advantages of owning such a wonderful pair of glasses and all monies could go towards my New Year credit card bill which will, like everyones else’s, be eye watering!

S – I could do with them – would you consider an upfront payment instead of submitting them for auction on e-bay? Talking about money – have just read poor Nigella is trying to put her life back together after the appalling lies and revelations of drug addiction. She has appointed a Life Coach and is taking a luxury holiday to America – oh that all of us could do this when our life goes “tits up”.

Later …

C – guess what; Christmas is looking up at last. I clearly have a secret admirer – I found a Marks and Spencer food hamper on my doorstep – how wonderful. This has made my Christmas; no name on card so have no idea who to say thank you to.

S – maybe it is from Toby or HRH.

C – not a chance but will be flashing it under his nose when he gets back from pub. Oh, I can feel a post coming together. We could do with a Mr Darcy/Gabriel Oak character to spice things up – if it is good enough for Bridget Jones it is good enough for me. I wonder who he is (of course, I suppose it could be a she but we won’t go there). Watch this space.


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