Not A Big Fan Of Male Pony Tails

Does the pony tail "Ring Your Bells"?

Does the pony tail “Ring Your Bells”?

S – Camilla and I are struggling to submit posts on our blog daily at the moment. It is such a busy time of year with Christmas nearly upon us and I am still grappling with meetings with the Department of Work and Pensions, and others, with regard to my sister who has a learning disability (officialdom in these areas can be very slow moving and tedious).

18 December 2013

S – have just seen George in Tesco’s sporting a very fetching little pony tail. I thought it looked extremely trendy.

C- oh no, hope Toby hasn’t seen it. He is not a big fan of male pony tails! What was George doing in Tesco’s?

C – he was perusing the wine shelves looking for a decent bottle for you for your birthday (I did mention that he was a little late with the birthday present). I pointed him in the right direction as he did not seem to have much idea.

Later …

C – have just got home and George is on the sofa with that pony tail. I really don’t think I am very fond of it – it is a bit David Beckham ish!!

S – well I think it looks ok and what is wrong with David Beckham – I think he’s quite cute?

C – on my God – you think David Beckham is cute – the words “sad” and “cougar” are coming to mind and what would you do with him if you had him?

S – spend all his money, of course!!!

C – a good answer but I still have the urge to take some scissors to George’s pony tail if he doses off.


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