Christmas Fever

Christmas Stress

Christmas Stress

C – sorry have not been in touch over the last few days but am feeling a bit like the English Cricket Team, down in the dumps and defeated by Christmas fever. I suppose that’s better than being in the jaws of the Aussies at the Ashes.

S – oh, was only saying to Charlie no text messages from Camilla to cheer up my day. Why so down in the dumps?

C – have got the pre Christmas blues, you know how I hate it when everyone goes into “Commercial Christmas Overdrive”. Crystal has sent me the most wonderful Christmas Apron with a note to say “Saw this and thought of you”.  I will send you a photo.

S – I heard a really funny item on TV being discused the other day that may cheer you up. Is was about the return of the hair scrunchy? It has been described as the track suit bottoms of the hair world. Can you believe people debating such nonsense? Some fashion guru was discussing the fact the if you wear a scrunchy you should not make the mistake of leaving the house.

C – is it the same as those hair grips on ether side of your face that you are always forgetting to remove before leaving the house. 🙂 What is the definition of a scrunchy?

S – well I am told it is a lot of fabric wrapped around a hair elastic. They come in many shapes, colours and fabrics and I think they can be the perfect accessory for the festive season, if worn in velvet or a sparkly material. Do you think they are suddenly coming back into fashion? And by the way, you know how sensitive I am about my curly hair. I need those hair grips in when my hair is wet otherwise I end up with frizzy wings on either side of my head!

C – yes, I know – will make sure that when you are with me you are never seen in public sporting them! Think I will do the Christmas supermarket trolley dash at five in the morning as I can’t stand the crowds. By the way I have ordered the Christmas wreaths, will collect tomorrow and the bad news is they have gone up this year to six pounds each!!


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