Having A Sock Crisis

Are these all my lost socks?

Are these all my lost socks?

S – Up early, having a very productive day so far. Already have delicious sweet potato and pumpkin soup bubbling away. Can you slide over to mine and join me for soup and blogging? Was checking out some of our visitors and came across The Book Bitches Blog – great title for a blog, the things you find on the net, they had some really interesting book reviews worth checking out.

C – Just listening to my favourite Radio 4 programme: Desert Island Disks, what an inspiration. This week The Biba Story, fashion icons, they started out in a mail order business which was not making any money, and about to close, then they got a half page advert in one of the big tabloids for a pink gingham dress. They sold 17,000 of these dresses and they made a penny per outfit. Is there hope for us still to hang in there until our moment of glory arrives?

S – Have been struggling with the conundrum of the “lost socks”. What is it about socks, I spend hours searching bedrooms for them, gathering them up like lost souls and washing them. They hang on the dryer tormenting me as I know I will be faced with the inevitable task of “PAIRING THEM UP”. I can feel my heart sink at the very tought of failing this challenge. I know that I will be left with scores of socks that do not have a partner. Where do they go? How long do I keep hold of them waiting for the errant sock to turn up? In my mind I have conjured up some kind of “Sock Borrowers” living under the floor boards of my house and whisking just the one sock away, laughing at me as they know it will never to be seen again. (Ok a bit over dramatic). Is my washing machine swallowing them up? It’s empty when I look inside. I wish I had the courage to ditch them sharpish. However, the fear of chucking them and the other sock turning up precludes me from this action. How sad am I? Does anyone else suffer this fear of sock pairing syndrome or is it just me being; as Pheobe would say “OCD again?”.

C – I better come over immediately, think you have lost the plot with this sock thing. Just texted Helena who seemed alarmed re sock issue as well, so she is coming too, will bring wine!!!


3 thoughts on “Having A Sock Crisis

  1. Sheshe I share your pain and understand your worries totally. I keep mine a fair time then once discarded it reappears has it come back to haunt me or has the missing one decided to finally come out!!


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