I Notice A Bit Of A Theme Going On!

I love wine!

I love wine!

A drop of wine never hurt anyone!

A drop of wine never hurt anyone!

Just the one glass!

Just the one glass!

S – hi, how are you feeling today now you are fifty two and one day.

C – thanks a lot for rubbing that one in, what kind of a friend do you call yourself anyway? We did have a fabuleous evening though, full of friends, laughter and most importantly lots of wine. I have to admit to suffering with a bit of memory loss yesterday, but am attributing that to my now great age. Don’t forget you are only six months behind me. I hope we did not disgrace ourselves? 🙂

S – we may have been a little louder than everyone else in the restaurant but we did have Helena with us; and at our age I don’t think we will worry about being a little loud!

C- oh yes, and am just looking at my wonderful selection of birthday cards. I notice a bit of a theme going on, or am I just being a little over sensetive. Take a look and see what you think? PS: Had rather a stressful afternoon at the Family Planning Clinic, will text you later with the full story!


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