Maybe The Feng Shui Look Would Be Worth Some Research

This looks very Feng Shui - we can see ourselves here.

This looks very Feng Shui – we can see ourselves here. (Photo by Andreas Krappweis)


C – Sheshe and I managed to get together on Monday morning because, as I keep reminding her, we blog better together. To which Sheshe replied “You hum it I’ll play it” – I have never heard this saying before!

However, I digress. Camilla met a friend the other day whose home is so very casually chic and we began to chat about interior design; in particular achieving that Shabby Chic look that so many aspire to. We have both given this look a try; I attempted it when I was running the B&B and Camilla when she moved to her current home. However, in trying to emulate this style we found that our homes began to resemble The Dorchester Curiosity Centre, a well-known antiques/shabby chic emporium very near to us. In no way could we boast that they looked anything like the aforementioned friend’s “casually chic” home.

Maybe the Feng Shui look would be worth some research. For those not familiar with Feng Shui it is “a Chinese philosophical system of harmonising the human existence with the surrounding environment” (Wikipedia). A spot of harmony would go down a treat but this might involve Feng Shuiing our less than tidy loved ones out of the house!

10 December 2013

C – bloody hell, two amazing people in Taiwan are reading our blog – bless them.

S – we are getting so global, and how on earth have you got time to look at blog in the morning with a hangover – I’m impressed! (It was Camilla’s birthday yesterday and we had a riotous night out with Helena, Kitty, Tallulah and others – ok we have given them pseudonyms – we don’t know anyone called Tallulah!). More about birthday later, as I must get on with cleaning my house.


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